Does Your Home Insurance Cover Damaged Carpets?

There are a lot of things that your home insurance may or may not cover. It will most likely all depend on where you live and the types of regulations that are in place within your region. If you are working with a local insurance company to receive repairs, a full replacement or simply a deep cleaning of your carpets and rugs, then you are one of many people in a similar situation. According to reputable insurance institutions, there is a significant number of homeowners who have insurance that will place a claim against their property due to water damage. Again, it may all depend on where you live of whether or not a damaged carpet will be covered by your insurance. The insurance company you use will decide on if the damage is covered, determined by a number of factors. Such as, the cause of the damage. So checking your policy will be the optimal reference to see if it will be covered. Either way, there’s a few things that you can do to aid in choosing whether to make a claim.

The following are types of instances that can cause significant damage to your carpets in which case you may qualify for insurance coverage:

Your Water Pipes Burst

In certain areas of the country, there can be some relatively harsh temperatures in the winter and that means that your water pipes can be at risk of bursting. Generally most home insurance policies will cover carpet damage that is caused due to frozen pipes. But there may also be some conditions to that. For example, if you forgot to leave your heat on, or left a door or window open during a vacation trip, these types of mistakes on your part may leave you out of luck with the insurance company.

Your Carpet is Damaged Due To Theft or Crime

A lot of times if you’re simply in need a small repairs or cleaning, your insurance will cover it. Most often if the carpets are damaged by a covered incident like criminal activity, then they will more than likely pay for repairing the carpet or if it needs cleaning in addition to the repairs.

Sometimes there are simple accidents that can happen and be hard to avoid no matter how much we prepare for them. Take a look at this list to see some examples:

  • Wine stains on an expensive area rug
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Carpet soaked from excess water spillage
  • Sewer pipe back up
  • Water leak from backyard pool
  • Flooding
  • Roof leaks

Whether or not any of these happen, it will come down to your coverage and your insurance company to find a solution. In some instances you could be out of luck altogether, and other times it could work in your favour. In any case I suggest you find the right insurance agency that fits your needs and your home. There are plenty in your city and there are also many carpet cleaning & repair companies that would be happy to chime in and give you their insights.


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